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Ultra-Small And Small Business

Meet Our Commercial Professionals!

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Peter Johns
Commercial Specialist


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Here is what our experience has shown us about small business owners.

Time is the most precious commodity to them, by a significant margin. We know they never have enough of it – and it is exactly why we will not waste it when we work with any ultra-small entrepreneur or small business owner.

You have our commitment on that!

As a qualified CVC program dealer, we can literally get you into any vehicle without you ever having to come in to the dealership!

  • We can make all necessary financial arrangements – without you leaving your office
  • We can deliver the vehicle to your business, exactly to your specifications – including any custom up-fitting needs you may have – at a time that is totally convenient for you.
  • We can fully protect your investment with exceptionally flexible ‘Ford Protect’ maintenance and warranty products that take the stress out of caring for your vehicle.
  • We can even pick up and re-deliver it whenever service/repairs are needed with our unique ‘Small Business Preferred’ membership program… and you’ll never even see us!

Whether you are an enterprising young entrepreneur, or you run a small ‘Mom and Pop’ operation. Perhaps you have a long-established, small 2-3 person business. Or maybe you’re a highly driven ‘Mom-preneur’ with a successful MLM business.

If you value your time, know that we will make your time our priority as well!